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namakkal egg production

Namakkal Egg Production

namakkal egg production
namakkal egg production

Our organization was founded by Mr. R.Nagarajan in the year 1980. At first we started the poultry farm with 300 layered birds and reared them in a small tiled shed. Then the organization got developed in the year 2004 having 300000 birds. We the team of Namakkal Egg Production provides premium quality and affordable fresh nutritious Eggs that are widely consumed by the people across the globe.

We decided to manufacture the feed by our own. We purchased the Raw materials on our own and grinded the feed in the others feed mill and fed the birds. Well-equipped and state-of-the-art infrastructure is owned by us, where these birds are carefully reared and processed. We fed the birds manually using pan feeding and pan watering system.

But now all the sheds have been converted to cages with automatic feeding and nipple drinking system. We are providing transportation facility so that the customers don’t need to spend their money for transportation.

We were Established in 1980

The farm and the feed mill covers fully automated machines. Every day we are delivering more than 25000 cull birds and 10 lakh eggs, which will be delivered to the customer place by our own vehicle, through phone calls.

Segregated into varied departments, it enables us to carry varied business operations in smooth and efficient manner. Our organization includes activities such as:

  • Farming
  • Feed Manufacturing
  • Culls Marketing
  • Egg Marketing
  • Agriculture

Our Mission & Vision

The mission and vision is to provide quality products to the customers.

Eggs has a high nutrient density and provides significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. We cover the world by supplying the products.

We provide high quality and healthy eggs. To avoid the malnutrition, it helps to develop our business world wide.

We provide a good environment structure for the labors to work freely and tension free in our concern.

namakkal egg production


We are engaged in offering an extensive assortment of Poultry Chicks with the capacity of 50000 chick shed that are processed under stringent conditions and sanitized environment. Our team of experienced professionals along with the reliable vendors processes our products keeping in mind the strict guidelines of the industry, thereby ensuring high taste and good breed.

To feed our chicks as well as hens, we procure highly nutritional supplements from the trusted sources.The chicks are feed using the feed slider which is fully automated so there is no partiality by that we get a very good quality , standard weight and the egg vitamins.

We have the shed capacity of 50000 grower which is feed with the automated feeding machine. The food contains healthy nutritious grower mash feed.

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of Layer Poultry Feed which is widely appreciated for its niche quality and impeccable processing. We put forth Layer Poultry Feed which is a rich source crude and essential vitamins and minerals. There are 300000 layer chicks having the capacity of 50000 birds. These layered are Eco-friendly environmental and healthy nutritious valued mash feed. The food content are without antibiotic and no animal source of feed without e-coli & salmonella content, each one 100% vegetarian and healthy foods. The eggs of these are supplied to domestic and international market.

namakkal egg production


We bring forth an exceptional range of Poultry Feeds, which is processed using high quality ingredients. Our offered supplements meet the international benchmarks of quality and are packed in hygienic condition to ensure safe usage. The automated and computerized batch making system is used for manufacturing food. Our manufacturing capacity produces the 4500 tons of feeds per month and 150 tons of feeds per day.

We have about 25000 sq feet storage area to store the raw materials which is required for making food. 50 tons of feed is processed by the soil goods. We are the manufacturer, exporter, supplier and whole seller of finest quality poultry chick feed, grower feed,layer mash feed.Owing to its impeccable processing is highly up claimed by our client. We offer a comprehensive range of Layer Poultry Feed which is widely appreciated for its niche quality and impeccable processing. We put forth Layer Poultry Feed which is a rich source crude and essential vitamins and minerals.

namakkal egg production


We are ownly preparing the crops and grains for the food of chickens and cultivating it.So that the chickens gain natural high quality food nutrition .We make sure we use crop protectants effectively and safely, in amounts that are no more than what is necessary to combat pests and diseases.

Integrated Farming

Integrated Farming (IF) is a whole farm management system which aims to deliver more sustainable agriculture. It is a dynamic approach which can be applied to any farming system around the world.

namakkal egg production

Bio - security

Bio-security guideline follows on avian influenza, and specific health and safety advice for personnel involved in the handling, farming or processing of poultry and poultry products, and other workers who may be exposed to chicks or their associated products.Biosecurity is the protection of agricultural animals from any type of infectious agent -viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic. People can spread diseases as they move within a facility and from one facility to another.

namakkal egg production


  • We provide healthy organic eggs ( Residue free, antibiotic & animal protein ).
  • Freshness, Purity, High calorific value
  • Highly nutritious, Rich in protein
  • 100% sanitation water and sanitary feed
  • We use daily feed only for our farms.
  • No toxin, No E-coli & salmonella
  • 100% bio availability
  • computerised auto batching system so feed nutrition value is very accurate
  • We analyze each and every feed raw materials then only we have to use manufacturing feed. so we have very rich nutrition and purity feed.

Contact at sriselvalakshminkl@gmail.com

+91 99443 20202

Rasipuram (TK), Namakkal - 636 301.

Tamilnadu, South India.